Gateway bus manager in Kisoro assaults a radio journalist

Issue: Media freedom violation

Date: 3 July 2023

Location: Kisoro

No. of people affected: Two

Profession of affected person(s): Journalist

Perpetrator(s): Gateway bus Manager

What happened

A journalist Gerald Niyirinda working for Voice of Muhabura Radio based in Kisoro district, in Western Uganda has been allegedly assaulted by the Gateway bus Manager as he covered a demonstration staged by passengers in the bus park of Kisoro.

Gerald together with Dickens Twinomujuni an intern at the station went to cover a group of passengers who were travelling from Kampala to Kisoro, but the bus driver and his conductor decided to leave them in Kabale which prompted the passengers to start a demonstration against being dropped off half their journey.

Gerald was interviewing one of the passengers when the manager of GateWay bus services, one Yusuf grabbed him and violently started slapping him as he also tried to take away his voice recorder. In the process, the recorder was destroyed and his shirt torn.

Gerald managed to escape from the hands of Yusuf and started running as Yusuf pelted stones at him in a bid to inflict more pain on him. A case of assault and malicious damage to property has been filed by Gerald with the help of his Editor at Kisoro Central Police Station.

Source: Africafex

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