Continuing and mid-career training

The African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) offers specialised short training courses for practicing journalists.

We also host public lectures, conferences, round table discussions and dialogues that highlight key issues around the intersection of journalism, media, communication, and public policy.


Focal Areas

  • ICT, New Media and Society
  • Media, Peace and Conflict
  • Media and the Environment
  • Media, Democracy and Human Rights
  • Media Law, Policy and Regulation
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Public Affairs Reporting
  • Community and Alternative Media
  • Media Ethics
  • Media Management


Selected Training Topics

  • Conceiving Winning Story Ideas
  • Basic News Writing
  • Interview Techniques
  • News Analysis
  • Writing Eye-catching Headlines, Captions
  • Editing for Clarity, Context, and Completeness
  • Design and Layout
  • Enterprise and Investigative Reporting
  • Opinion and Commentary; Editorial Writing
  • Feature Writing
  • Alternative Story Forms
  • Libel, Defamation and Media Law
  • Harnessing the Internet as a Reporting Tool
  • Multi-media Reporting
  • Online Journalism: The Basics
  • Developing Sources
  • Political Reporting
  • Health Reporting
  • Business Reporting
  • Education Reporting
  • Photography and Visual Communication
  • Numeracy for the Newsroom
  • Oil and Gas Reporting

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7 Comments on “Continuing and mid-career training”

  1. I have liked the Outline of the areas for training, i would wish to suggest that why not think about involving those who teach journalism at High Institutional level because the approaches in these universities seems to be lacking a lot given the products of journalism graduates,

  2. Good Morning African Media Excellence, Please i would really love to be trained on how to do feature writing, Writing eye-catching headlines, captions, Political reporting and also Libel, Defamation and media law. These i believe will enable me and my colleague serve the community we are working for diligently.

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