Continuing and mid-career journalism training

The mid-career training that ACME offers journalists seeks to promote journalism that informs and engages the public and holds public leaders accountable. Our approach recognises that skills are not enough in the
pursuit of journalistic excellence. We therefore offer a mix of skills and knowledge modules.

The skills we address include story spotting, story structure, analysis, depth, sourcing, interviewing, enterprise, investigation, and data use. The knowledge/content modules, meanwhile, expose journalists to new or deeper knowledge in selected areas of public affairs. Knowledge is key to strengthening story context. As veteran journalist Thomas Patterson put it, “For almost any development of even modest complexity, journalists cannot be counted upon to construct ‘a comprehensive and intelligent account’ unless they are knowledgeable of the underlying factors.”

We employ a long-term approach that involves mentoring and coaching over several months complemented practical, face-to-face training sessions. We also offer offer competitive reporting grants for promising story ideas that explored important public issues.

ACME has a detailed portfolio of training curricula for mid-career journalists that includes the following select topics:

  • Agriculture and food reporting
  • Audio documentary production
  • Basic writing and editing skills
  • Business and finance reporting
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Environment reporting
  • Extractive industries reporting
  • Health reporting
  • HIV/AIDS and disease outbreaks reporting
  • Investigative reporting
  • Land and property rights reporting
  • Media ethics and media law
  • Media, peace and conflict
  • Mobile journalism
  • Multi-media journalism
  • Public accountability reporting
  • Public affairs and public policy reporting

For more information on our training programme for mid-career journalists, contact us at


  1. ACME, I have just seen your programmes. You are offering a great service to journalism. Kudos!

  2. Kindly add PARLIAMENTARY REPORTING to your menu of topics. Cheers!

  3. I will definitely like to be trained in interview techniques at your institution.

  4. I will like to attend your institution for training in interview techniques.

  5. I have liked the Outline of the areas for training, i would wish to suggest that why not think about involving those who teach journalism at High Institutional level because the approaches in these universities seems to be lacking a lot given the products of journalism graduates,

  6. ACME…I have just seen your training sessions and they are so much inspiring towards the development of journalistic works

  7. Good Morning African Media Excellence, Please i would really love to be trained on how to do feature writing, Writing eye-catching headlines, captions, Political reporting and also Libel, Defamation and media law. These i believe will enable me and my colleague serve the community we are working for diligently.

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