Media monitoring and research

There is a dearth of applied research on media performance in Uganda, especially the kind of research that helps newsrooms but also informs the work of media support organisations such as ACME, and indeed academic
institutions that award journalism and communications qualifications. In a sense, then, we operated in the unknown
for a while.

To bridge this gap, ACME has conducted a range of detailed research projects to better understand the various
dynamics around the media industry in Uganda and across the East African region. The following is a sample of our research work:

Kenyan media coverage of the 2022 elections

A portrait of Ugandan journalists in turbulent times

A portrait of Tanzanian journalists – A mapping study

Ugandan media coverage of the 2021 elections

Ugandan media coverage of Covid-19 and other public affairs in 2020

Media coverage of health in Uganda, 2015-2017

Press coverage of public affairs in Uganda, 2013-2017

Ugandan media coverage of the 2016 election