CLOSED – Seminar for Ugandan journalists on selected topics in oil, gas and mining

WHAT? Deep-dive training/seminar for experienced Ugandan journalists in covering selected topics on Uganda’s oil, gas, and mining sectors. The topics include revenue management, transparency mechanisms, benefits-sharing, and regulatory oversight in petroleum and mining. To complement this, the five-day seminar will also provide short refresher sessions on investigative reporting, analysis and data-driven reporting.

WHEN? 19—23 April 2021

WHERE? African Centre for Media Excellence, Kampala.


  1. Journalists who have already undergone training at ACME on effective coverage of oil, gas, and mining.
  2. Any other experienced journalists who editors nominate because they have real interest in advanced extractives reporting.
    1. Only 15 places available.
    2. Female journalists are especially encouraged to apply.



Experts from the Natural Resource Governance Institute, the government, civil society, and the extractive companies.



With the mapping of Karamoja’s mineral potential — which concludes coverage of the entire country — and the approaching final investment decision in the petroleum sector, Uganda’s extractives industry is poised for take-off. Whereas the legal regime covering oil and gas is pretty much established, work is going on to conclude the same process for mining. At ACME we believe it is timely for the media to begin to look in-depth at some selected issues that are crucial to better governance of extractives in Uganda. A clearer understanding of issues such as the mechanisms for sharing of benefits from extractives will enable the media generate compelling and insightful stories. We proceed in the belief that knowledgeable and active media actors are critical to having a well-managed extractives sector that can improve the livelihoods of all Ugandans. A small reporting stipend will be given competitively to 10 participants who have innovative story ideas to pursue them.

By the end of the seminar, participants will have:

  • Gained critical knowledge on issues such as revenue management.
  • Gained the ability to use open tools and data to tell impactful stories.
  • Been exposed to new digital and human sources.



Send in three sets of documents:

  • A letter indicating who you are (bio-data – including your contact info), your job title and media house, how long you have worked as a journalist for, whether you have worked on extractives (i.e. oil, gas, mining) before, and why you would like to participate in this seminar.
  • Two samples of your best journalistic work.
  • A letter from your editor endorsing your application. The editor’s letter should include his or her email address and phone number.


DEADLINE: Send the application materials to before close of business on Thursday, 8 April 2021.

Questions? Call 0772 575 140 or email


FUNDING PARTNER: Natural Resource Governance Institute

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