Weinfomers shines at the 2nd Uganda National Journalism Awards

This article was first published on Weinformers.net.

Though none of the writers of the stories published on weinformers.net came out as the outright winner of the 2nd Uganda National Journalism Award, we are pleased to report that two of our writers John Isingoma and Antonio Kisembo were 1st runners up in the categories in which they were shortlisted for the awards. Consequently they each received a cash prize of 1 Million Uganda Shillings.

John Isingoma was the runner up in the Business and Finance Category for his story Reeling with the success and challenges of the metal scrap industry in Uganda  and Antonio Kisembo was the runner up in the Multimedia Category with his story The Quest for Land Amid Increasing Fake Titles.

However it is worth noting that the Winner of the Multimedia Category was Pascal Kwesiga for a story MDGs Debate: Whose Millennium Development Goals published on our sister website campustimesug.com.

his clearly shows that Ultimate Multimedia Consult is not just the leading provider of Multimedia News, Information, Knowledge and Training on paper but also in reality.

No wonder that just before the awards the Ultimate Multimedia Managing Director Gerald Businge remarked: “I’m glad to inform you that five of the shortlisted finalists (potential winners) are students from our inaugural Online Journalism and Multimedia Production classes (last year) at Makerere University Department of Journalism and Communication,”

Businge said two of the articles are the real projects for students he supervised last academic year, and one of the articles was an in-class assignment for the online Journalism class.

Read the full story here.

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