New guide! Essential safety tips for journalists

This simple booklet from the African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) contains simple tips to help you stay safe both online and offline. It is meant to give you practical advice on how to navigate the challenges of reporting in today’s world, particularly in situations of conflict or tension. Our goal is to help you feel more confident and secure whether you’re out in the field or working online. We hope you find these tips useful in your work.

For more information about ACME’s training guides, tip sheets and manuals, write to training[a]

Download the booklet by clicking the image below or use this link.


The booklet was compiled with the generous support of the Ford Foundation. 

ACME Mwalimu

The African Centre for Media Excellence's training unit, known as ACME Mwalimu, scours news platforms and online resources to curate the best training tips and resources for journalists and media organisations, empowering them to become impactful contributors to public debate and development. If you have a training tip or question, you can reach out to ACME Mwalimu at training[at]

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