Training opportunity for journalists in Uganda on covering road safety

Deadline: Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Available slots: 15

The African Centre for Media Excellence, with support of the Global Road Safety Partnership, is calling for applications from journalists in Uganda interested in covering road safety issues in the country.

Why now?

According to the Police Annual Crime Report 2020, Uganda loses about 10 people every day in road traffic crashes, one of the highest in East Africa. The causes include poor condition of vehicles/roads, poor enforcement of road safety measures, and poor road use, including speeding.

The training will examine these issues, with a particular focus on the key behavioural risk factors of speeding, drink-driving, and the use of seatbelts and crash helmets.

About the course

The training consists of two core courses to take place in Kampala. The first course, a foundational one, will last five days — from 20-24 March 2023. The second course, slated for June, is a follow-up workshop running for another five days.

The courses offer knowledge and skills modules within a context of holistic and comprehensive support to journalists. This support is through mentoring, study tours, coaching, access to sources, use of data, innovative use of digital and online databases, as well as interaction with peers, experts, policymakers, and oversight actors. The courses are interactive, practical, and participant-driven.

Who can attend?

This call is intended for journalists in Uganda working with media organisations, including online platforms. Freelance journalists are free to apply. Selected journalists will be fully sponsored and required to commit to and complete all aspects of this residential training programme before, during, and after the courses. Fifteen places are available. Women journalists are especially encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Fill this application form by close of business on Tuesday, 28 February 2023. For inquiries, please send an email to

NOTE. Those who attended this course in the past do not qualify.


Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

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