Aviation officials brutally arrest three journalists over ‘computer misuse’

Issue: Media freedom violation

Date: 26 January 2023

Location: Entebbe, Wakiso

No. of people affected: Three

Profession of affected person(s): Journalists

Perpetrator(s): Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) officials

What happened

At least three journalists were brutally arrested on Thursday (26 January 2023) evening by officials travelling aboard a Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) bus in Entebbe. The three journalists, George William Kakooza (CBS FM), Sulah Kagugube (UBC) and camera person Norah Odoi spent more than five hours in detention at Abaita Ababiri police station over taking pictures of the UCAA bus that nearly knocked them dead.

Consequently, UCAA officials accused the trio of “computer misuse.” Eyewitnesses say the UCAA officials manhandled the journalists and forced them –with their motorcycle- into the bus before they took them to Abaita Ababiri police station. Journalist Sulah sustained a bruised neck while his colleague Kakoza’s belt was damaged after they were mobbed on the bus.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor 

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