Support for newsroom leaders covering Uganda’s 2021 election

  • The programme: Supporting newsroom leaders in Uganda to create strong teams that can report the electoral process accurately and fairly.
  • Who is it for: Editors, newsroom managers, training editors, senior reporters with leadership roles.
  • What is involved: A series of short, hands-on workshops; coaching and mentoring; networking and peer-to-peer learning.

About the programme

The African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) has launched a programme to support editors and newsroom managers from small and medium-size media houses to strengthen their teams and build the capacity of their staff to adequately and consistently cover Uganda’s 2021 general election.

The programme, which will involve a series of participatory capacity building workshops and coaching, is intended to equip newsrooms across the country with planning tools and content management structures sufficient for comprehensive election coverage. Participants will also benefit from peer-to-peer learning and networking, and will receive skills to grow their leadership and training capabilities.

ACME, through its multi-year project, Enhanced media Reporting for Transparency and Accountability (EMERCEA), will also connect participating newsroom leaders to professional resource persons who have built tools and expertise in management, newsroom structure, programme planning and innovative content creation. ACME will support the network of editors and news managers created through this process by documenting and sharing lessons, and facilitating connections between newsroom leaders and experts.

Programme dates

Two workshops will be held in Kampala on 18-19 November, 2020 and 20-21 November, 2020.

Additional in-house coaching will be provided to support 18 select small and medium-sized newsrooms to implement their election reporting plans.

How to participate

Interested editors/managers should send a letter expressing interest to no later than Thursday 12 November. You should provide a short justification for your participation in this programme and indicate which workshop you would like to attend.

Successful applicants will be contacted directly.

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