2019 cross-border reporting grant on East Africa extractive industries

The deadline for applications for this grant has passed.

African Centre for Media Excellence, with support of the Natural Resource Governance Institute, is pleased to announce a grant for ambitious Ugandan journalists to produce a compelling story series with a regional dimension on the subject of oil, gas, and mining. For avoidance of doubt, the story ideas we are looking for must have an East African cross-border bearing and must involve, to a great extent, collaboration with a journalist based in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, or South Sudan.

Eastern Africa is striving to exploit its extractive resources (oil, gas, and minerals). Consequently, several multinational companies such as TOTAL and Tullow operate in more than one country in the region. Key infrastructure pieces such as export pipelines are planned to run across international borders. How are these developments shaping or reshaping East Africa’s geopolitics? What are the environmental, fiscal, livelihood impacts and how are countries and communities responding across borders? How about the private sector, and civil society? We see a good opportunity for imaginative journalists to attempt to make sense of what is going on through captivating stories. The time to start is now.

To be considered for the grant of $1,300, one must submit an application making a case for why his or her idea is worth pursuing. To apply, please fill out and submit the online application form. Note that endorsement of the application by senior editors from an applicant’s media house is required.

Submission of applications is open on a rolling basis until 18 October 2019.

Questions? Email btabaire[at]acme-ug.org.

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