Press Coverage of Public Affairs in Uganda, June 2013 – July 2017

The African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) conducted a series of studies on press coverage of public affairs in Uganda to provide systematic evidence to inform evaluations and judgements of the media’s performance. These studies are ground-breaking in the sense that they provide the first standardised and comprehensive long-term data on the content of the Ugandan press. They employ a rigorous and consistent yet adaptable methodology designed to enable meaningful comparison of results over time and to accommodate changes in research questions and scope.

This compendium of reports is based on four rounds of data that captures various dimensions of the quality, quantity and nature of press coverage of public affairs in Uganda between July 2013 and June 2017. The maiden study was designed as a baseline upon which both the results of and approaches to subsequent rounds were benchmarked. As the research progressed through its various phases, the lessons learned were used to adjust as necessary the methods used in successive rounds of data collection and analysis.

The value of the evidence that this research project has generated over the years will be realised if newsrooms use it to plan their editorial agendas, allocate their newsroom resources and evaluate their performance. A few of the notable trends are listed in this preamble, but the full reports are well worth reading for a full understanding of the state of public affairs media in the country.

Download the compendium of studies on Press Coverage of Public Affairs in Uganda below.

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