Aggie Konde leaves NTV Uganda on a high note

After four and a half years at the helm of NTV Uganda, Ms Aggie Asiimwe Konde, the station’s managing director, is leaving her job proud of her accomplishments.

Konde, the first female director of a major television station in Uganda, says she has nurtured exceptional talent and has set broadcasting standards for excellence.

Aggie Konde was appointed Managing Director at NTV Uganda in 2013 replacing Mr Joe Munene, who served as General Manager.  She is moving on to take on the chief executive role at Msingi East Africa Limited.

“There is no better time than now when teams are geared to excellence with a well defined strategic canvass,” Konde told ACME.

“I have nurtured and hired the best talent in the industry, and I am taking on my next challenge of unlocking the industrialization challenge in East Africa,” she said.

Prior to joining NTV Uganda, Konde was marketing manager at Crown Beverages Limited and circulation and marketing manager at Monitor Publications Limited.

At NTV Uganda she oversaw the launch of Spark TV, a female-focused station, and the launch of a video-on-demand platform for NTV Uganda.  Konde is also credited for championing local productions, the most popular of which is an adaptation of Telemundo soap opera, El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance).

Konde says one of her greatest contributions to NTV Uganda was to enable the “ring-fencing of NTV’s news leadership as the Number One most watched and trusted source of news and talent growth”.

“Our talent is most watched and most preferred across news and entertainment,” she enthused.

A statement released today by Nation Media Group, parent company of NTV Uganda, spoke highly of Konde’s achievements during her time, notably, convening the first-ever televised presidential debate in Uganda.

The statement written by the Group Chief Executive Officer, Joe Muganda, added: “Ms Konde has been instrumental in building a diversified and profitable portfolio for ABUL over the period she has managed the business.”

Africa Broadcasting Uganda Limited (ABUL) is a subsidiary of Nation Media Group and owns NTV Uganda.

Tweets from the NTV Uganda handle this morning said Muganda briefed staff to refute claims that Konde was leaving because of the impending merger of Nation Media Group’s operations in Uganda.

“She is leaving because she received a good opportunity and not anything like we are reorganising the business. If I am making any changes, I will be open, honest and upfront about it. These brands are not going anywhere,” he said, according to the tweets.

Mr Muganda also spoke of the male domination of top leadership at the Group.

“I am cognisant of the fact that NMG leadership is now male dominated and it makes us look bad. I am working on it,” he said.

Konde’s position at NTV Uganda has been temporarily filled by Mr Johnson Omolo, who also serves as the head of advertising.

Grace Natabaalo

Grace Natabaalo is a programme assistant at the African Centre for Media Excellence.

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