ACME Report: Uganda media coverage of the Kaweesi killing

On Friday, 17 March 2017, Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi, who was the force’s spokesperson, was shot dead in the city suburb of Kulambiro, where he lived. He was killed with his bodyguard Kenneth Erau and driver Geoffrey Mambewa. The event sparked intense media coverage in print, broadcast and online.

ACME undertook a study to analyse that coverage along various measures of quantity and quality such as prominence, sourcing, and framing. It also explores perspectives on the ethical debates that arose from the coverage. Its methods include content analysis of slightly more than 100 articles published on the killing, by the country’s five major English language publications; and key informant interviews with five media & communications experts. It troubleshoots for what went wrong and offers some remedies that can be applied to expanding and improving coverage of this and/or similar news events in the future.

Read or download the full report below.

Kaweesi Report by African Centre for Media Excellence on Scribd

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