Media development organisations called to focus on entrepreneurial journalism

A new report by the Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) says the increase in the value of media to societies around the world has led to more and better quality education at top universities.

The report, ‘Global journalism education: A missed opportunity for media development?’, indicates that while this growth may be attributed in part to the work of media development organisations, the change is the result of external influences. It lists the availability of affordable and mobile-based technology, the rise in the number of university lecturers receiving training in countries with more developed media markets and journalism faculties, and a renewed emphasis on hands-on teaching, as the three major factors leading to better university-based journalism education.

As a result, the report notes, there will be rise in young people ready to become “independent entrepreneurs developing alternative, online media systems and improving existing media”. Therefore the challenge for development organisations is to offer opportunities for the teaching of media  entrepreneurship and new technology skills that will build a network of young independent, analytical journalists.

Read the full CIMA report at its here.

Also recommended, the 2007 CIMA report ‘University journalism education: A global challenge’.

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