New one-stop shop for analysis of media freedom worldwide

This is an excerpt of an article published by DW Akademie. For more information on the Media Freedom Navigator, visit the DW Akademie website.

DW Akademie has launched website featuring information about media freedom worldwide. The Media Freedom Navigator offers an interactive global map that shows users at a glance how organizations like Reporters Without Borders and Freedom House rank media freedom across the globe.

“With its projects around the world, DW Akademie contributes to the improvement of freedom of expression and media freedom. The facts and data from organizations that analyze developments in this area provide us with an important basis for our work,” says DW Akademie Director, Christian Gramsch.

The Media Freedom Navigator provides a critical look at the ranking methodologies of various organizations by allowing users to call up information on how the rankings were compiled. A quiz with questions about media freedom and methodologies used in the rankings helps users test and expand their knowledge.

The site includes the following indices: the Freedom of the Press Index from Freedom House, the Press Freedom Index from Reporters Without Borders, IREX’s Media Sustainability Index, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s Media Barometer, UNESCO’s Media Development Indicators, and, in order to provide additional context, the UNDP’s Human Development Index.

Read the full article here.

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