Journalism Awards 2015

About the awards

The Uganda National Journalism Awards are a programme of the African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) intended to recognize and promote excellent reporting which informs and empowers the public, increases the voices and spaces for critical information and holds the powerful to account.

The 2015 awards that are organized with support from Hivos, a Dutch international development organization, are the second edition of a scheme intended to:

  1. Acknowledge, inspire, support and incetivise professional and competent journalists to produce compelling in-depth reports;
  2. Motivate aspiring and young journalists to attain an uphold standards of excellence in their profession;
  3. Increase the quantity and quality of public affairs reporting and investigative journalism;
  4. Recognise and encourage creativity and entreprise in reporting practice and in the development and use of new journalism tools; and
  5. Increase the diversity of voices in media coverage and spaces within which journalists operate.

The Uganda National Journalism Awards (UNJA) are open to all journalists, full-time and freelance, working in Uganda.

Submission of awards will open on October 15, 2014 and close on January 15, 2015.

Awards categories

Please visit our categories page for descriptions and details on how to prepare to participate in this competition.

How to enter the awards

Carefully read through the eligibility rules and submission guidelines by clicking here.

Judging criteria

The awards will be given based on the following criteria:

  • Reporting accuracy and comprehensiveness;
  • Writing style, language and storytelling technique;
  • Originality and entreprise in reporting;
  • Reporting rigour, depth and breadth of discussion and engagement;
  • Skill in use of journalistic tools for original reporting;
  • Insight, analysis and examination of the context of the story; and
  • Relevance and public impact or benefit.

Judging process

A panel of 14 judges comprised of former journalists, media academics, and other related professionals of high repute has been constituted to assess each submission. The panel will work for a month after the deadline for submissions. Judges reserve the right to withhold awards where they have determined that none of the entries in that category is found worthy of recognition.


A substantial cash prize and commemorative plaque will be awarded to the winners and runners up in each category. The awards will be given at a grand gala ceremony to be held in April 2015.

For further information write to awards [at] acme-ug [dot] org

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  1. This is a great initiative to recognize efforts give the poor working conditions of a ugandan journalist

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