Training: Reporting on illicit finance in Africa

Thomson Reuters Foundation is working with a group of Africa-based organisations, including the African Centre for Media Excellence, to run a three-year programme assisting African media on the reporting of illicit finance and tax abuse. The programme runs from 2014-16 and is supported by the Norwegian development agency, Norad.

African economies lose huge sums of money every year through practices such as tax evasion and avoidance, often carried out by large companies. However, this phenomenon receives little attention and is rarely the subject of in-depth investigation.

Thomson Reuters Foundation believes that African media has a vital role to play in bringing this issue to light and exposing tax abuse where it is taking place. We also believe that collaboration between journalists and media organisations across borders is essential when reporting on money flows between countries.

We are seeking outstanding journalists and ambitious, independent media organisations to join us in this new project.

For information on how to apply for this training, visit the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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