Training overview and opportunities

Training – Overview and opportunities

Training is a key mandate of the African Centre for Media Excellence. Training is a critical route to realising our commitment to promotion of excellence in journalism and mass communication in Africa. We believe both producers and consumers of information should be literate about what it is they are doing. Consequently, we train mid-career journalists emphasising knowledge (subject matter) in particular thematic areas – of course, without forgetting the need to sharpen the journalistic skill.

The non-journalists we train via our media literacy programme include younger people in their late teenage years, members of civil society, members of political groups, as well as people from the corporate world. Moreover, our approach to continuing training and education is different. Instead of one-off workshops, which are common in the East African region, ACME’s growing network of experienced resident and non-resident trainers employ a long-term approach in which in-class workshops are complemented by mentoring and coaching lasting several months. Using the most recent techniques for delivering content to adult leaners, coupled with the creative use of modern communication technologies, we strive to make the sharing of ideas enriching for all involved.

While most training workshops take place at ACME’s purpose-built training centre in the quiet south-eastern Kampala neighbourhood of Soya-Bunga, off Ggaba Road – just a couple of kilometres from the shores of Lake Victoria – study tours are also very much part of the training menu. Keep an eye out for various training opportunities, be it covering the emerging extractive (oil, gas and mining) industry in Uganda, database journalism, or using social media to advance the cause of a civil society organisation.

8 Comments on “Training overview and opportunities”

  1. A big thanks to A.C.M.E, in the recent training of the Civil society Organizations, i learnt how to write an opinion, Press Release and formulation of organisational objectives. am actually practicing by sharing with my fellows and writing to news paper.
    it was really awesome, with nice kimeere conducive environment, but among all with brilliant Facilitators. Big up A.C.M.E.

  2. thanks for the over view ACME i realy look forward for any opportunity for a training in eastern region and i welcome the idea.
    i pray so much that with the trainings the community receives from you, so much has been done
    thank you

  3. Thanks ACME for the opprtunity you have extendd to me in the past three yeras and i feel i m araedy an authority on number of isssues ad my work as a journalsits has ben greatly improved.

  4. Thanks for the overview of the A.C.M.E programmes on training, I wish really to benefit from the training to build my career and do more sensitization of the community especially on Land and WASH in karamoja if granted the opportunity.

  5. I appreciate for the training opportunities given by A.C.M.E Organizations, when do you expect to conduct other trainings in eastern region this year 2019.
    Ecakara Justine.
    Soroti district.

  6. A.C.M.E,Thank you for the trainings you accord Journalists.I have personally benefited in a way that i am now more able to write documentaries and conduct good interviews.

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