A journalist’s guide to reporting on procurement

Public procurement and contracting are more than just numbers on a spreadsheet; they are the lifeblood of a nation’s development. These processes, representing a substantial portion of government spending, have the power to shape a country’s trajectory. This immense influence makes them critical areas not just for scrutiny, but for investigative journalism that goes beyond the surface.

This toolkit provides guidance for journalists on:

  • Essential investigative tools – Learn key questions to ask that pierce through the veil of bureaucratic jargon. Identify red flags that signal potential wrongdoing and understand which documents hold the most crucial information.
  • Overcoming reporting hurdles – Understand the roadblocks journalists commonly face when investigating procurement, such as limited access to information and complex legal frameworks. Discover effective strategies to navigate these challenges and persevere in your pursuit of the truth.
  • Bringing procurement stories to life – Ways to enrich your reporting using compelling narratives and storytelling formats.

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