Four journalists arrested over ex-MP Fungaroo’s detention story

Issue: Media freedom violation

Date: 3 January 2023

Location: Obongi

No. of people affected: Four

Profession of affected person(s): Journalist

Perpetrator(s): Police


Four journalists, including Scovin Iceta of Daily Monitor and NTV, Ronald Debo of TBS FM, Stephen Onzimai and Mr Mustafa Safi of Voice of Madi FM operating in Obongi District, were arrested by the police on Tuesday, 3 January, for yet unknown reasons. The journalists were arrested when they went to the police station to follow up on the arrest of Mr Hassan Kaps Fungaroo, who was picked up by the security forces as he had gone for a funeral in the area. The charges he is facing remain unknown.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor 

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