Press release – Launch of Uganda Media Sector Working Group

March 26, 2020

For immediate release

After many months of preparation and consultations within the media fraternity and among industry stakeholders, the Media Council of Uganda and its partners wishe to announce the launch of the Uganda Media Sector Working Group (UMSWG) due on Tuesday 30th March at 8:30-13:30 at Skyz Hotel in Naguru, Kampala.

UMSWG was formally initiated in May 2020 as a multi-stakeholder platform to create dialogue within the media industry and to address protracted issues that bedevil it. These include diminishing professionalism, media freedom and accountability to the public, ineffective regulation and out-of-date legal framework, growing personal risks to journalism practitioners, and challenging economic environment.

The platform emerged out of the realisation that the media sector is fractured and lacks a uniform voice to articulate its issues to the Government and to the public. The UMSWG will therefore initiate new and support long-standing efforts to build a media industry that is more professional, accountable, and trusted by the public. This will enhance citizens’ rights and the media’s role in the development of Uganda.

The launch is organised by the Media Council of Uganda in collaboration with the Uganda Chapter of the International Training Programme (ITP) on Media Development in a Democratic Framework and other industry stakeholders.

The Minister of ICT and National Guidance will be the chief guest. The launch event will feature open dialogue and panel discussions by industry stakeholders under the themes: “The right to inform vs. the right to protect the public: How can newsrooms strike the balance?” and “Strengthening the enabling environment for the media: How can regulation promote the right to free expression?”

The nine-member Founding Committee will be unveiled. It comprises representation from Media Council of Uganda, Uganda Communications Commission, ITP Uganda Chapter, African Centre for Media Excellence, Uganda Editors’ Guild, Uganda Journalists Association, National Association of Broadcasters, and Online Media Publishers Association-Uganda.

For more information about the launch, see: Programme and press release for the launch of the Uganda Media Sector Working Group


 Paulo Ekochu

Chairperson, Media Council of Uganda


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