African Media Initiative head Eric Chinje to deliver third annual lecture on Media and Politics in Africa

African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) announces its third annual lecture under the theme “Media and Politics in Africa”. The main purpose of the lecture series is to explore the relationship between media and politics amidst changing technological, demographic, and political circumstances on the continent.

Mr Eric Chinje, a former World Bank spokesman for Africa and now the chief executive officer of the African Media Initiative, will deliver this year’s lecture on the afternoon of Wednesday, 7 December, at the Golf Course Hotel in Kampala. Mr Chinje’s lecture will focus on communication as the missing link in social transformation in Africa, and examine the role of the media in development and its ability to effectively moderate social conversations.

“It is ever pertinent to discuss the place of media in enabling informed conversation in a changing society like Uganda,” said Dr Peter Mwesige, ACME’s executive director. “This is crucial now in the face of challenges such as fake news and gossip that social media helps to spread. How do mainstream media navigate this landscape effectively and advance civil discourse? This has been an issue in the just-concluded American election and it was an issue in Uganda’s own general election early this year.”

 Mr Chinje, a former top TV journalist in his native Cameroon, is a journalism trainer who is leading the transformation of the Nairobi-based African Media Initiative. AMI’s goal is to “promote the development of pluralistic media as a necessary and critical ingredient of democratic governance, as well as economic and human development in Africa”.

“With his experience as a scholar and former senior manager at several international institutions and advisor to various African governments, we are glad to have Mr Chinje share his passion and vision for journalism, communication, and development on the continent,” said Mr Bernard Tabaire, ACME’s director of programmes. “The lecture is open to the public. I invite everyone who cares about media and politics in a changing world to attend and participate in a robust conversation.”

This year’s lecture follows those delivered in 2014 by Mr Trevor Ncube, the Zimbabwean owner of South Africa’s Mail & Guardian newspaper, and in 2015 by Ms Fatuma Abdulahi, the Somali feminist and broadcaster.

These lectures are being funded with a grant from the Democratic Governance Facility under a project that ACME is running titled “Enhanced Media Reporting for Transparency & Accountability (EMERTA)”.


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