Training Opportunity— Extractives Data and Digital Journalism Tools

WHAT? Training in the use of extractives data and digital journalism tools

WHEN? Monday 7—Friday 11, November 2016

WHERE? African Centre for Media Excellence, Kampala


  1. Mid-career journalists (minimum three years as a reporter) covering oil, gas and mining or are interested in doing so.
  2. Bloggers interested in data and public affairs, especially oil, gas, and mining.
  3. TV/radio producers interested in data-rooted oil, gas and mining stories/programming.
  4. Civil society actors working on extractives.

For every applicant:

  1. Evidence of ability to promote a story on social media for reach and impact is an added advantage.
  2. Only 20 places available.


Experts from the Natural Resource Governance Institute, the government, and the extractive companies.


Uganda’s extractive sector is on the verge of take-off. The development phase of crude oil is at hand following the recent issuance of eight production licences to Total and Tullow. The first licensing round is about to end with several new exploration companies coming into the country. Work on the crude export pipeline to Tanga in Tanzania is proceeding apace and, despite some faltering, the refinery may yet get a new private investor. On the mining side, much of the country has been mapped for potential mineral occurrences. And the government is in the late stages of revising the mining legal and regulatory regime. We at ACME believe this is the right time for media, bloggers and civil society actors to strengthen understanding of the extractive sector so as to effectively track policy, events, trends, and players. One way to do this is through examination of large datasets for insight, plus mastery of use of new digital tools and resources to generate and disseminate new and significant information. Therefore, with funding from the U.S.-based Natural Resource Governance Institute, ACME has organised an intensive five-day residential training for journalists, bloggers, producers, and civil society actors to delve into extractive data and digital tools. Knowledgeable and active media and civil society actors are critical to having a well-managed extractive sector than can improve the livelihoods of all Ugandans.

By the end of the training, participants will primarily:

  • Gain an appreciation of the importance of data and digital tools in storytelling.
  • Know where to find useful datasets on extractives in Uganda.
  • Be able to explore datasets to find the stories and insights they hold.
  • Be able to tell and visualise data-driven stories.
  • Know how to use social media more effectively for reporting, telling and promoting Uganda’s emerging extractives’ story.


Send in only two (2) sets of documents. The first document is a letter indicating who you are (bio-data), your job title and media house, how long you have worked as a journalist/blogger/civil society actor, whether you have worked on extractives (i.e. oil, gas, mining) before, and why you would like to participate in this training. The second document should be two (2) samples of your best work (for reporters, it stories; for producers, it’s anything relevant you have produced; for civil society actors, it is a newsletter or any other media messages).

DEADLINE: Send the two (2) sets of documents to with a copy to  before close of business on Thursday, 27 October 2016.

Questions? Call 0772 575 140

Harriet Anena

Harriet Anena is ACME’s Special Projects Officer


  1. It is very welcomed training. I would like to be part of it at any opportunity.

    1. Dear Dennis,
      Do send in your application and stand a chance of getting a slot for the training.

  2. am highly interested and i pray that allow me to take part.

  3. Well done. I have a question as well as a query. When are you considering disability reporters or presenters? I am sure also this is another interesting area that needs to be considered. People with disabilities should not be left behind.
    Thank you.

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