Media fraternity mourns Monitor cartoonist

The media fraternity is mourning the death of Daily Monitor cartoonist Moses Balagadde.

Moses, known by his pen name ‘Mozeh’, died on Sunday, 11 September 2016 from Bugolobi Medical Centre in Kampala where he was taken sick. He was buried on Monday in Sembabule District.

Moses, who worked at Monitor for over 15 years, is described by friends and colleagues as humble and talented.

On social media, friends and workmates paid tribute.

Josephine Karungi of NTV Uganda, posted: Rest well Mozeh. Rest well. It’s been forever since I last saw or spoke to you and I guess now it’s really never going to happen. You sat with me and encouraged me as I struggled through my dissertation on cartoon art at the University. I will never forget that you were so kind and helpful when you had no reason to be. You didn’t know me from Adam. Your talent inspired me and when I met and got to know a little about you from our conversations and the lessons you tried to teach me, I thought very highly of you. I still do even as you now sleep. Rest well Mozeh…Moses Balagadde…I had never ever used your full name until now.”

Muhammad Tamale, the Daily Monitor Graphics Editor, said: [The] passing of our friend and Monitor cartoonist Moses “Mozeh” Balagadde is a true reminder that death comes to all of us WITHOUT WARNING.

Ruva Roy Collins, a former graphics designer at Daily Monitor, posted: Rest in Peace Bro! Moses Balagadde also known as Mozeh the Monitor senior Cartoonist. We joked and laughed and learnt together while you were here. Till we meet AGAIN. RIP!

Janet Napio, the Op-ed Editor at Daily Monitor, said: I wonder if perhaps we should be eulogized while we still live, so we can hear all the things that our friends have to say about us, see how much they will miss us and how much they appreciate us, how much they enjoy our work and weep with them, at least say goodbye. It would be a difficult goodbye but at least it would be one. I know it wouldn’t take away the pain, but still … oh how the heart hurts every time someone you know goes. He told me he’d be back in time to do the Monday cartoon…Rest in peace dear Moses, it was great working with you. Can’t believe this is it. May our sweet Jesus comfort your wife and the little ones. #myheartispaining#

You can view Moses’s cartoons published since the year began, and an article about his demise, on teh Daily Monitor website, here.


Harriet Anena

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