Final report on media coverage of the 2016 elections

In July 2015, African Centre for Media Excellence received funding from the Democratic Governance Facility to monitor media coverage of the 2016 elections.

ACME set out to monitor a purposive sample of print, electronic, and online media, focusing on coverage related to the presidential and parliamentary elections of 2016 during the pre- and post-electoral periods from 1 September 2015 to 29 February 2016.

See the Final Report below. 

Monitoring Media Coverage of the 2016 Elections/Final Report by African Centre for Media Excellence on Scribd

Harriet Anena

Harriet Anena is ACME’s Special Projects Officer

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  1. Thanks, ACME I have taken time for the first reading of the report. It is true representative of what some of us who were interviewed gave although our Media houses were not mentioned at all. Radio Messiah in Kasese gave enough attention and time to ACME researchers. Focus group discussions held at Radio Messiah, UBC Ngeya FM and Light Fm and you single out Kasese Guide Radio where only one person gave time for the interaction. I am not envying any media house because they gave a good report than mine where I worked then but it depends on the decision of the researcher.

    On the content of the report, what can I say, the issues are the real ones that have been there during the election.
    I remember being suspended via a phone call because I hosted an a parliamentary candidate on NRM ticket after being verbally barred from hosting political talk shows because I kicked off a parliamentary debate in on the youth manifesto in the absence of “powerful” candidate. That the debate would rather be postponed after getting his notice 10minutes to the start. The suspension I boldly declined to take without written matching orders. The orders never came until I left in July to take on the new job at Uganda Radio Network.
    The experience I got in covering the 2016 elections has given me more courage to prepare ahead of time to give a more investigative and analytical approach to 2021, although am now based in Bunyoro where there is no competition and friction that I have tested in Kasese covering 2006, 2011 and 2016 general elections.

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