Trending: It’s hot on Twitter with calls for #FreeSamwyri

Not a very long time ago, Samson Tusiime asked a designer in town to make him a “Besigye T-Shirt”. Ismail, the designer, did just that and Samson, better known on Twitter by his handle @Samwyri, was a contented client.

On his Facebook page, Samson shared a picture of his prized acquisition and asked those who want to own one to make orders through a number he provided.


It’s that phone number that the police used to arrest the T-shirt designer on Saturday. But unmoved, said he would continue wearing the T-shirt until his friend is released.


On Sunday, however, Ismail called Samson, saying he has been released and they needed to meet. Clueless about what awaited him, Samson told Ismail that he was at home. And at around 1pm on Sunday, Samson received his visitors, only that they were security operatives. They, according to Samson’s friends, said they were looking for t-shirts. He was later picked and taken to Central Police Station in Kampala and later to the Special Investigations Unit in Kireka, where he spent Sunday night.

On Twitter, the hastag #FreeSamwyri soon started trending with calls for Samson’s release.

We storify the story here. 

Harriet Anena

Harriet Anena is ACME’s Special Projects Officer

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