Buganda kingdom launches new TV station

This article is republished with permission from The Observer.

Uganda’s television industry continues to get competitive each passing day – with the opening of several new stations. Buganda Broadcasting Services (BBS) Telefayina is one of the new entrants, having gone on the airwaves in December last year.

Located on Masengere building in Mengo-Bulange, the television, which is highly anticipated to be the game changer of the Luganda televisions, will officially be unveiled tomorrow by the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II. BBS TV’s CEO JOE KIGOZI spoke to Andrew Kaggwa about what the station has in store for Ugandans.

They are all called televisions. Why do you call BBS telefayina?

We have used the word telefayina because Luganda is so rich, and we have a lot of identity with the language. Thus, telefayina is a replacement of television. You will not refer to us as BBS Television; you can if you want to use English, but as per our license and wish, we ensure that we are BBS Telefayina.

Who owns BBS?

It is owned by the Buganda kingdom. It is a television that has been asked for by the people of Buganda for the past 20 years. People have yearned to have a TV station, and the kingdom has listened to their call and offered them a television – that is why our tagline is “Telefayina Eyaffe”, meaning that people own it.

The kingdom has worked so hard for the past 20 years to see that this TV comes to us. Some people have come out and claimed that they are TVs owned by the kingdom, but this is the only official one owned by the kingdom. And true to that, you have heard the kingdom spokesperson, Noah Kiyimba, and the Katikkiro talk about it.

The Kabaka himself has accepted to launch it as part of his celebrations to mark his 61st birthday. So, that is a reaffirmation; the Kabaka has never launched a television before.

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