Ben Bradlee, legendary Washington Post editor, dies at 93

The journalism fraternity is mourning the death of legendary editor Ben Bradlee.

Bradlee, who was at the helm during The Washington Post’s historic coverage of the Watergate scandal, died on Tuesday of natural causes. He was 93.

The Watergate scandal led to the resignation of then US president Richard Nixon in 1974 after the US Supreme Court allowed the Washington Post to publish details of the United States’ political and military actions in Vietnam. The Nixon Administration protested the publication of the Pentagon Papers.

The Washington Post writes that Bradlee “presided over The Washington Post newsroom for 26 years and guided The Post’s transformation into one of the world’s leading newspapers…”

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Ben Bradlee, legendary Washington Post editor, dies at 93

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Ben Bradlee, Legendary Washington Post Editor, Dead at 93

Ben Bradlee dies

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