Oil and gas training opportunity for alternative media, citizen journalists and broadcast producers

WHAT? Training for bloggers, alternative media producers, online journalists, TV/radio producers on oil and gas.

WHEN? Tuesday 19-Wednesday 20 August 2014

WHERE? African Centre for Media Excellence in Kampala


Experts from PEPD, oil companies, service providers, donor agencies, civil society



Good governance of oil, gas and mining (extractive) resources and revenues requires effective oversight. A knowledgeable and active citizenry is very critical in ensuring that oversight through holding the government and oil companies accountable. The people, however, get most of their information about public affairs from a variety of media platforms. In many resource-rich countries, however, journalists and others like bloggers, actors and citizen journalists who communicate with the public often lack knowledge, skills and resources to effectively report on extractive-related issues.

It is in this regard that the Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR), based in Washington DC, has provided funding to augment the larger Natural Resource Governance Institute (formerly Revenue Watch Institute)-funded training for a select group of reporters from Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania over several months. The Kampala-based African Centre for Media Excellence, a not-for-profit professional organisation that seeks to help improve journalism and communication in Africa, is the local training partner in Uganda.

ACME plans to use part of the FGHR funding to conduct a two-day training workshop for TV/radio producers, bloggers, online journalists (i.e. journalists who do not work for the mainstream media) from across Uganda on oil and gas issues. We hope the participants can go on to report and comment more knowledgeably on this emerging sector that is bound to be a large part of our economy for decades. Women and alternative media producers (comedy, drama, theatre) are particularly encouraged to apply.



Write us only 2 paragraphs. The first paragraph should tell us who you are professionally (include links to your work/website); the second should tell us what you hope to take away from the training.


Deadline: Send the 2 paragraphs to info [at] acme-ug [dot] org with a copy to gnatabaalo [at] acme-ug [dot] org before close of business on Thursday, 31 July 2014.

Questions? Call 0772 575 140

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