Job opportunity at ACME – Finance and Grants Manager

African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) invites applications from qualified candidates for the position of Finance and Grants Manager. This a full-time position initially on a three-year contract. The pay is competitive.


The Finance and Grants Manager will report to the centre’s Executive Director.

The role
The holder of the position will work with ACME’s founders and senior managers to build and sustain the centre’s capacity in financial, grants and human resources management and donor compliance for funds by the Democratic Governance Facility and a series of other grants.

The holder of the position is expected to have high integrity, be diligent, meticulous, highly organised, a team player. He or she is also expected to possess intellectual curiosity about journalism and public affairs.
Duties and Responsibilities
Major Responsibilities

  1. Manage the financial resources and budgets of the centre.
  2. Prepare and analyse financial statements monthly.
  3. Manage and monitor grants and grants compliance.
  4. Oversee and lead annual budgeting and planning process in conjunction with the ED.
  5. Implement a robust grants management and financial management/ reporting system.
  6. Manage organizational cash flow and forecasting.
  7. Facilitate and complete monthly close procedures.
  8. Review and analyse project financial reports monthly and report on the variances.
  9. Spearhead institutional and project financial and tax audits.
  10. Review and analyse project financial reports and correct discrepancies.
  11. Assist in documentation monitoring of internal controls.
  12. Work with the ED to oversee human resources & administration.


Financial Management

  1. Track and determine financial status by comparing and analysing plans and forecasts with actual results and the budgets.
  2. Improve financial status by analysing results and variances, identifying trends, and recommending actions.
  3. Provide information by assembling and summarising data, preparing reports, making presentations of findings, analyses, and recommendations.
  4. Oversee and lead annual budgeting and planning process in conjunction with the ED; administer and review all financial plans and budgets; monitor progress and changes and keep senior leadership team abreast of the organization’s financial status.
  5. Manage organizational cash flow and forecasting.
  6. Implement a robust contracts management and financial management/ reporting system.


Internal Financial Control

  1. Establish clear processes and systems of financial management within ACME.
  2. Review existing financial controls and improve them where required.
  3. Ensure that the finance manual is up-to-date and meets compliance with donor and ACME requirements.
  4. Work with auditors to organise and specify the scope of audits both annual and where required project-specific audits.
  5. Follow up on reporting and implementation of improvements recommended by auditors.
  6. Provide audit check documentation for finance staff on visits and carry out audit follow up.
  7. Conduct regular financial management checks and internal audits.


Grants Management and Compliance

  1. Develop and monitor grants management and compliance policies, controls, and procedures.
  2. Standardise approaches to grant management and compliance across the centre.
  3. Identify compliance vulnerability and risk within ACME and proactively develop corrective actions.
  4. Ensure full compliance with donor financial regulations and rules.


Capacity Building and Administration

  1. Oversee administrative functions as well as facilities to ensure efficient and consistent operations as the organization grows.
  2. Further develop ACME’s administration, enhancing professional development, compensation and benefits, as well as performance evaluation.
  3. Educate employees regarding staff tools, policies and procedures, including required practices for donor and centre financial compliance.
  4. Monitor systems use and maintenance of ACME facilities and update assets registers.


Skills and Qualifications

  1. First Class or Upper Second bachelor’s or higher degree in accounting or finance
  2. ACCA/CPA qualification preferred
  3. Seven years of experience, three of which must have been in grant administration, preferred.
  4. Knowledge of grants and grant administration systems, processes and budgeting.
  5. Ability to analyze and systematically compile technical and statistical information and to prepare reports and correspondence; comprehend and make inferences from written material; review the work products of others to ensure conformance to standards; communicate orally and in writing; work effectively with a variety of staff, and donors.
  6. Ability to establish financial management and monitoring protocols with NGOs.
  7. Excellent working knowledge of non–profit accounting standards.
  8. Minimum of seven years’ work experience in a big NGO or donor organization.
  9. Knowledge of compliance requirements for major donors with the proven ability to establish compliance systems.
  10. Understanding of risks and relate controls primarily in the overall grant cycle including programme, financial and procurement cycles, and effectively mitigate these.
  11. Ability to present, discuss and supervise compliance with financial management protocols with team members of varying levels.
  12. Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain effective project files for accountability and audit purposes.
  13. Highly detail-oriented and organised in work.
  14. Ability to meet deadlines.
  15. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  16. Ability to act and operate independently with minimal daily direction from ED to accomplish objectives.
  17. Proficiency in QuickBooks and others major accounting packages.
  18. Proficiency in Word and Excel.
  19. Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with all levels of employees, management and external agencies to maximize performance, creativity, problem-solving and results.



Interested candidates should submit an application, CV, and three recommendation letters to info [at] acme-ug [dot] org not later than 21 July 2014. They should be prepared to report to work by 1 August 2014 or soon after.

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