Between a rock and hard place

Joe, first, I’d like to say you give Ugandans far too much credit. No way people are going to find Ezra flashing dollar bills (fake or real) repugnant, why, these are the same people who go wild at the sound of Bobi Wine’s Katala song…

Monitor though did well with a follow-up story asking people what they thought of Ezra’s antics. But regarding use of bank statements, I don’t think that would be sufficient to prove financial health. There are people I know who don’t keep much money with banks, and rationalise that choice quite well.

And Ezra also had some aces; being a private citizen (like he pointed out) he didn’t have to tell all. The hotel similarly is not obliged to tell about their guest. So that leaves you with the not-too-exciting option of ignoring the story, and crossing the circulation manager…

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