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Uganda president Yoweri Museveni

Covering Museveni’s appointments

President Yoweri Museveni continues giving. This has been a good week for (news) copy, as my former editor would have said many years ago. After the cabinet reshuffle (the recycling notwithstanding), the newsmaker-in-chief has given again, this time announcing the appointment of Justice Bart Katureebe of the Supreme Court as Chief Justice of Uganda. I

Media analysis


Parliament and reporters: A tale of half-truths, spin

By Tabu Butagira I am catching the tail end of a war of words between the Ugandan Parliament and journalists accredited to cover its proceedings. The Clerk to Parliament, Ms Jane Kibirige, wrote to media houses on March 9, asking editors to swap reporters who have covered the August House for five or more years

Training opportunities

Climate change

Climate change training course for journalists

Policy makers and environmental groups worldwide are scrambling to prepare for the adoption of a new international climate agreement at the Paris 2015 climate summit in December. However, the very specific language of the UN negotiations and the technical complexity of climate science are not readily understood by the average citizen. The media play a