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Give us insight, depth on Mbabazi bid

By Peter G. Mwesige For several months, the Ugandan media and political watchers have waited for the ‘big’ announcement from former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi. He did it via YouTube on early Monday, announcing he would seek the position of “flag- bearer” of the ruling National Resistance Movement later this year and the presidency in

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Maternal mortality DM

More women giving birth at health centres. There’s more to this story.

Ref: New Vision and Daily Monitor, June 29, 2015 Uganda, like many developing countries, can be defined by its contradictions. While more women are able to safely give birth every year, there is a lack of sufficient health facilities to ensure this safety. The 29 June, 2015 editions of New Vision and Daily Monitor published


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Symposium on arts and culture journalism – Apply today!

About the symposium With the means of producing and disseminating content in everyone’s hands, journalism is no longer just about reporting on individual news events. Increasingly, journalism is about understanding the complicated reality that frames those events and the shifting patterns of culture that determine how we live and what we make of our lives.